Etymology of the Greek word anthropologos (ἀνθρωπολόγος) the Greek word anthropologos, ἀνθρωπολόγος derived from the Greek word logos, λόγος (word, speech, topic, treatise, reasoning) derived from the Greek word legein, λέγω (to speak) derived from the Proto-Indo-European root *leg- (to collect, to speak) derived from the Greek word anthropos, ἄνθρωπος (man; man-faced; a human being)

What is anthropology?
Anthropology is the study of all human behaviour, whether through physical or social characteristics. It is an increasingly complex academic area investigating human beings across different periods and locations and all layers of humanity, such as socio-political, evolutionary, cultural and biophysical. As an academic subject anthropology seeks to investigate how and why people�s behaviour changes, over what period of time and under what circumstances.

The four broad fields of the discipline � cultural anthropology, linguistics, physical anthropology and archaeology � are all characterized by different approaches and teach different skills. It is common for academics to specialize in a geographic region or one of the specific areas related to the subject, often immersing themselves in months of field work, living, working and studying with their particular subjects.



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